Letters from the Queen

Hearts break often, they some times heal.

Letters from the Queen is a story about heartbreak and revival. A pregnant woman loses her memory and no one is searching for her in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Now known as Liz, originally Anna Flannery, is confident, independent, and idealistic when she falls for Jason Barnes, handsome, successful entrepreneur, and married, father of three.

One artifact would help Liz remember – a stash of letters detailing Anna’s heartbreak, now held in secret by others. Far more sinister, are the opposing attempts by spouses, co-workers, and friends to keep Anna and Jason apart.

Will the couple outwit the secret forces deliberately keeping them apart? Will the letters resurface and answer their questions? Will the couple overcome their guilt and come together in the end?

Stay tuned. Read more from the published book near your local bookstore…coming up.

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