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Have you ever woken up with a longing to take your car and just drive away? Have you ever just wanted a plan/itinerary ready for you to run with you without your spending any time on research? And, what if you can have that plan free of any cost ? Read on…

From various trips I have taken at various times in my life, I have compiled for such enthusiasts a road trip, where you escape the big city traffic and go to something quite opposite…nature and seclusion. Here is a plan that is budget-friendly, vetted on the peak July 4th time with hotel, restaurant and of course attractions recommendations. If you reside near Chicago you can take this plan as is, or take pieces of it…My hope? To save you time and if nothing else, give you the pleasure of visiting these places without having to move an inch from your couch.


Peyto Lake – Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada

Under here, I have compiled a list recommendations of possible “Road Trips” with pictures, tips on day by day stops….budget alternatives, …. it is my way of living my vacation yet another time, and yours to take the plan and run with it…with ease.

Chicago – Glacier National Park and Back…4000 Mile Adventure…

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