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For Sale By Owner – Planet Earth!


The United Nations (UN) has decided to put Earth for sale! This decision has outraged the public and sent angry waves across the globe. UN supports its decision, citing that humanity stands at important cross-roads. With a future that is precarious, and new demands from the wealthy, looking to relocate, for one-way missions to outer space, has coerced them to ponder over the future of humanity. Public, especially the middle-class and the poor are deeply offended by this decision.

This decision deepens the rift between the rich and poor. Those lacking wealth are left to fend for themselves. If humanity has to move, all are not created equal. UN defends its stance that putting the planet for sale is not a secret nod for the rich to fly away but rather a cry for help to save what’s left right here on a planet that has served us dearly for millions of years. Although internally, they may agree that this is a nod of approval for those that can leave, to do so. The human footprint is so big, that with a few departed beings, may very well be the right thing to do at the right time.

But, all this discussion sparks more questions than answers a few! Will a new singular owner protect what remains from the imminent ice ages, super volcanic eruptions, shrinking coastlines, parched drought-ridden states, drowning plains and mountain ranges raging with fire? Or is it what it appears – the biggest dictatorship ever. United Nations hopes that an owner that will invest their huge capital on planet earth, will protect it in a manner all of us have not for free. The shrinking poles, and cries from the scientific communities have been ignored for decades. The countries are so divided to even thrust their trust on the scientists, some blaming the recent climate atrocities on a normal cycle, so much so that they are certain of mistakes in their formula. Public is divided into two groups. One that are non-believer deeming all forecasts as nothing short of fear mongering. And the other camp, that think there is nothing they can do even if the dire predictions are accurate.

United nations disagrees. After thousands of summits on global warming, and fractions within the scientific community themselves, the UN is convinced that whether the climate change is temporary or permanent, it cannot be ignored. Without consensus and clear ownership of the entire planet earth, we all are failing every day. And, without the move to a single ownership, the status quo prevails. And status quo is one of disagreement and inaction.

Not all are indignant at this decision. The activists whose voices had been drowned over the years by constant infighting are rejoicing at this recent outcome. They feel vindicated and are certain that this will bring to limelight the issues they have been pioneering.

Owning a planet is not a new idea. 10 years ago, when Mars mission got the backing from private investors with spaceships and organized programs to send people to Mars, Mr. Tatum Heisings became the first person to own a planet. He paid a whopping billion US Dollars for it. He heads all missions to Mars and holds the fate of millions that will depart for Mars, in the first venture next year. NASA is not very thrilled with this extra oversight for all their projects concerning Mars but Mr Tatum Heisings, some argue is now more powerful than even the president of the most powerful nation on earth. The sales didn’t end at the red lifeless planet of Mars.

Since the sale of Mars, all planets have been put on sale from the burning Mercury to the freezing dwarf planet of Pluto. Some people feel this is a joke. There are questions around ownership and the price. What authority does the UN have to sell something that isn’t theirs to begin with? Or is it just pandering to the narcissistic pleasures of the wealthy? The future will tell. For now, all we know is that our home, the planet earth, in all its beauty, and all its flaws, is up for more changes, one that involves mass exodus. The scientific community predicts major impact of this sale. From changing borders, to more laws, changing education curriculum to changing foods will be just the tip of the iceberg. Though time will be the ultimate test, we know this today, public will sleep a light sleep from now on.