The Unseen Journey


Journeys aplenty in this world
Some seen by all like a wedding
Others are unseen, buried deep within
Holding secret fears, deepest hopes

The path from an idea to reality
Unseen but felt by the heart
How life (marriage) should be
And how it will be

To that journey, I say lift
Lift what idea instructs reality should be
Let go the pursuit of what could be
Embrace what is and discover joys unknown

Needed alone is a sprinkle of love
For love is love even if arranged
Love is love even if sometimes dysfunctional
Love is love even if different from the idea

In the chaos of life, hidden is beauty of hope
To you, Sartaj & Komal, hope and dream away
Images of countless sunrises and sunsets
Dreams shall now turn into reality

Respect each other during pitfalls
And sky is the limit during good times
Wish you incredible travels, magically rich life
And the knowledge of being loved by so many

That is all you need for a happy married life
You two, now go on, live your lives
Forget what you have been told
And create your own dream world

4 thoughts on “The Unseen Journey”

  1. I love your heartfelt message for the newlyweds. So true and yet lyrically and softly stated. Thank you for sharing.

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